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Academic Attire may be purchased at any time. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

To order attire for purchase, please contact Duane McLaughlin at 1-800-993-2665 ext. 5924, (608)-310-5924 or Email.

Official School Regalia Package available. Click here for more info.

Academic Apparel Express Package available. Click here for more info.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison confers nine doctoral degrees: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Audiology, and Doctor of Physical Therapy. The doctoral gown is black with velvet chevrons on the sleeves and velvet panels on the front. The color of the velvet chevrons and panels may be black (and worn with any doctoral hood) or may represent a particular degree (and match the velvet trim of the hood) according to the appropriate color signifying a particular field of study: forest green (MD), apricot (DNP), purple (JD), sapphire blue (Ph.D.), gray (D.V.M.), pink (D.Mus.A), olive green (D.Pharm.), spruce green (DAud), or green (DPT). The doctoral hood is black with cardinal red lining (representing the University of Wisconsin-Madison) and the velvet trim of the appropriate academic color.

Herff Jones offers two distinct styles of Doctoral Gowns:

The Deluxe – Designed for those who want the very best for any occasion. The Deluxe has bell-type outer sleeves with matching cuffs on the inner sleeves and a lining on the inner sleeves that will keep you cool. It is designed to be worn open or closed and has an offset hidden zipper to present a seamless, distinct look. The Deluxe has deluxe full-length side pleats that extend over the shoulders, meet in a "V" at the center of the back and is completed with a deluxe cord and button. On the underside of the pleat is the inclusion of a slit opening to a pocket. It offers wider velvet panels for a more prominent look while the braided neckline and braid trim at the hemline help keep the velvet and fabric looking new. The Deluxe truly is the most distinctive gown around.

The Classic – The most economical and popular of all of the gowns offered. This gown is pure and simple, yet it still keeps a stylish look and is not lacking in comfort. This traditional gown has bell-type outer sleeves, a center mounted zipper, and can be worn open or closed. The velvet panels and sleeve chevrons have visible top-stitching on them for lasting service. The gown is completed with a decorative cord and button at the center back of the yoke.

To order the appropriate academic regalia, we need to know which style of doctoral gown that you prefer, the name of the degree you received and your choice of the color of the velvet on the gown. The standard academic cap—the mortarboard, or folding crown (hard, flat) cap—includes the black tassel (appropriate for all graduate degree recipients) in the cost. Also available is the soft tam as an alternative to the mortarboard. Styles of the tam are four– or eight-cornered – we recommend the eight corner tam. A gold metallic tassel is available at an additional charge. This gold tassel may be worn properly after the degree has been granted.

For proper sizing of the cap and gown, please send us the following measurements: height (in shoes); chest size (completely around the chest just under the arms, at the fullest part of the chest); sleeve length (mid back to shoulder to elbow to wrist); cap size (in inches: around the head just above the ears); and weight.

Costs of the academic attire for the doctoral degrees are currently:

  The Deluxe The Classic
Gown: $626.00 $388.00
Hood: $157.00 $157.00
Cap: $ 37.00 $ 37.00
Velvet Tam: $ 88.10 $ 88.10
Gold Tassel: $ 48.00 $ 48.00

We recommend The Classic gown for most purchases.

Approximately six weeks will be required for processing and delivery of the order (six to eight weeks within two months of each semester's commencement ceremonies).