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ZooZatz Bucky Badger Knit Hat (White/Black/Red)
ZooZatz Bucky Badger Knit Hat (White/Black/Red)

Show Bucky Badger some love by wearing this knit hat! White knit flap hat with black felt and button details to make it look like Bucky's face. Fully lined with red fleece. Detailed with a motion W on the left ear flap. Perfect for game day or cold walks around campus!
11 inch tie strings.
100% Acrylic Shell/100% Poly Lining.

Item: 75866765696
Price: $24.99


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Poor Quality Friday, December 3, 2010
Had seen someone wearing one and really wanted one. Just got it and the quality is really poor. The white knit part is cheaply made and since the black parts are felt it will not stand up well to washing or to lots of use. Really wish they had used better quality yarn and used good quality black yarn to do the black instead of felt. Or as another option- do the whole hat out of polar fleece instead of being done in knit. Love the idea but this Bucky won't hold up to lots of use.