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Can Price Match

New textbooks (purchase)
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other qualified sellers
In-store purchase or pickup in store for online orders
Exact same textbook - same ISBN

Cannot Price Match

Any rentals, used, digital books, or access codes
Unqualified sellers (including peer to peer selling)
Ship to address online orders

  • We will price match new textbooks (purchased) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other qualified sellers.
  • Price match not available on third-party sellers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc, online marketplaces, auction sites, direct from publisher, aggregator sites.
  • Matched books must be in stock both in our store and with the competitor.
  • Does not apply to any rental, used, digital books, access codes, international editions, and instructor copies.
  • Must present lower price within three days of purchase (in store) or pickup (online order).
  • Lower price must be shown in-store via live web page on mobile device or computer.
  • Must have original purchase receipt. Reprinted receipts are not eligible for price match.
  • Price match received in the form of a University Book Store gift card at the Textbook Service Counter.
  • Maximum $100 per item and $1000 per customer.
  • Must be the exact same textbook and ISBN number.
  • Exclusions:
    • Prices that require minimum quantity purchases
    • Misprinted or inaccurate prices
    • Prices from auctions or requiring memberships
    • Special orders
    • Promotional discounts
    • Amazon limited time deals